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Blind man and the darkness

Said the darkness to the man
Who, his whole life, has been blind-
What took you so long
To face me while I was there the whole time?
But I shall not waste a moment now
To make you see all that you have only thought!
See, old friend, the world and know it is foul,
That you loved too much, too much you fought.
Songs they sang for you those shallow mouths!
What have they done? You have no count.
Look now for a deaf one they are singing out!
Fools! Beneath the reason line but over they never mount.
The land, the moon and the sun in the same sky,
Names they give would divide it you thought!
Your life, your people, your rhyme is all a lie.
But you loved too much, too much you fought.
Words that rattle in the halls of your heart,
Nothing that is real that they could define!
The movement of music went back and forth,
Gave death to a songbird slow and sublime.
See, old friend, the pain only growing gruesomely,
As they wash the wounds with an idea of time!
Fools! It only weaves it into a memory,
And still pain is her…