I Killed A Dream

Part I

Before it blends into my world
And wrap its roots around my heart.
Before it rebels and becomes bold
I must tear it, rip it apart.

Hang it, choke it, drown it or bury deep
Before it walks out of my sleep.
And hunt me with a promised land
Where I could never be.

So hide the sun and dry to pond,
This flower shall not bloom!
And I must kill this dream before
It brings me to my doom!

Part II

Hurriedly I closed the doors before the winds of summer came,
Drew the curtains on my heart on such a lovely day.
Robbed my head off the sentiments till only remained the shame.
When the crust was soft and tender I stabbed- smiling as I slay!
Woeful weeping and at last a wail as I gently killed a dream.

Damned if this empty field of my life where this seed I ever sow.
I have spilled the plague and spoiled the soil and down the turmoil rains.
On this barren land of mine weed of rhymes now grow.
Leaving my heart to starve and beg I smile and set aflame the grains!
Woeful weeping and at last a wail as I gently killed a dream.

Part III (Thus spoke the Dream)

Oh, I pity your poor naive soul,
You speak too much and little you know.
My realm is not your mere sleep's mould
I exist on my own, eyes open or close.

You can see but cannot touch,
Kill but I will not die.
And my existence will be nothing much
But a necessary lie.

I will ache and shake your soul
And you will beg, how you will beg for more!
But then I'll leave and leave a hole
From which your dead laughter will roar.

So carry on with your futile rhymes
Which never shall fulfill your time.
As you sing then they begin to die
And another thought of torment follows right behind.

And I will laugh upon your grave where your bones lay still.
Buried along with you- things you abandoned to feel.
Letters on the tomb shall read, "Here lies the dream slayer: Bill"
And you will never know why, me, you could never kill!


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