Outside the closed eyes

Standing upon the gates of heaven,
I look back into time.
Everything I came here to find,
Is everything I left behind.
How easy it is to fool your mind,
Into believing there's sin and crime.
How easy to make you see the light,
At the same time making you blind.
The truth is but the night is dark,
Light is a myth, there is not a spark.
Eyes open and mind asleep,
Controlling you like a herd of sheep.
How easy for us to kill and bury the scream,
To keep you in a bubble of dream.
Where all the things you see, you feel,
Or touch or hear or say is like a movie reel.
Spinning till you are out of breath,
You pop the bubble and rains the wrath.
How easy is this simulation of life,
Educate, work, love, be husband and wife.
Stay happy, stay asleep till the dream ends,
Wake up when it's too late and there the death stands.