Sailor and the Sea

Eight feet long and three feet wide,
With two broken oars waiting for the tide.
Breaks the dawn and I row on-
Be silent but you can not hide!

Your little waves that touch the sky,
Can barely rock this boat of mine.
Currents, you have some and I have rum-
Today either you dry or I die!

Stir some storm and let the water pour,
To drown me if, you will need it more.
Spark some light with all your might-
While puffing on my pipe perhaps a nap I will score!

Oh dear sea, my love, my absolute delight,
With whom have you picked a fight?
The deepest of your darkest depths-
I have seen so clear though beyond my sight!

You stand against the broken hearted,
A sailor who has lost all that he started.
Take me away from the land if you can-
From which we shall never be parted!