Simple Days

Where the wind is soft and tender,
Where the lake is calm and clear.
And every bird takes part in a choir
Singing songs for you and me!

Where the trees do grow tall,
And dance in the wind but never fall.
The sound of ruffling leaves is a call
A call for you and me!

There's a waterfall to wash our heads,
Cleanse ourselves from all the dreads.
And the grass weaves a cozy bed
To lay down for you and me!

When the sun will be halfway behind the hills,
Setting the sky ablaze and blows the cold chills.
I will hold you tight and close then kiss
And a kiss form you to me!

Tell me, dear, will you come yonder,
To spend some life, then a little ponder.
And a word or two with a cup of tea-
Walk hand in hand, you and me!


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